bad reviews

3 Ways to Immediately Deal with Bad Reviews

A one star decrease in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% decrease in revenue according to a study by Harvard Business School. So if you aren’t keeping track of your online reviews, you’re losing customers and money just because of … Read More

provide quality service

Always provide quality service

by Travis Farnes The quality of the service you provide to your customers is the most critical part of running a successful service business. If you don’t provide quality service to your customers, then they aren’t going to call you … Read More

Choosing your ideal customer

by Travis Farnes When running your service business, you’ll find that there are many different types of customers. There are some you’ll click with and others that you won’t care for. I want to challenge you start choosing the types … Read More

Tornadoes and heros

by Arjun Viswanathan In certain places, spring doesn’t just mean blossoming flowers and fresh blades of grass — it means tornado season. The past few months have been especially brutal for the citizens of Mississippi and Arkansas. Countless tornadoes ranging from … Read More