Here at Breezeworks, we’re all about doing things the smart way, but we also know that there’s more to success than relentlessly improving efficiency. With this in mind, we thought we’d share with you some useful year-end thoughts and bits of advice.

What would you like to do differently?

Take some time to think about what you’d like to do differently next year. Like being a better boss, or being more patient with customers. The little things really do count. When’s the last time you remembered an employee’s birthday or wedding anniversary? How often to you call customers just to ask how they’re doing and what you can do to help make their lives easier? People appreciate these things and they remember.

Big goals, little goals

This is the time of year that many of us think about everything we wish we were doing better or doing at all. We vow that, starting on January 2nd, things will be different. Here’s a better way: Set attainable goals, and break down big ones into bite-size chunks. Otherwise, just like all the folks who sign up for gym memberships, determined to lose 20 pounds by spring, you set yourself up for failure.

For example, instead of swearing that your books will be perfect next year, start by getting into the habit of saving every receipt and writing a quick note on the back so you’ll know what it was for. Instead of trying to become magically productive every minute of every day, start by managing your time a little more efficiently. These things are not all, or nothing—slow and steady wins the race!

The “P” word

Want to grow your business? Start planning. Look at overall economic trends and what it means for your industry. Think about your niche and how you might utilize those trends more effectively. When’s the right time to add employees and what needs to be in place? What training and supplies will they need? Break all this down into monthly goals.

Smell the roses

Success isn’t all about work, work, and more work. Take a little down time. Do something for yourself so you can go into the new year from a place of relaxation and energy. You’ll feel better, and you’ll be happier. And isn’t that what it’s really all about?

To you and your loved ones, from all of us here at Breezeworks, Happy holidays!

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