by Alison King

If you’re a service professional, chances are you’re not a big fan of paperwork — you’d probably rather be in the field, right? Breezeworks’s new invoicing features, rolled out in our latest update, were made to keep you on the road and out of the office.

Our new invoicing features give you much more control over tracking and collecting payments. Instead of searching through your inbox for that one billing-related email you accidentally deleted, our “Payments” screen has you covered. Here, you can find a list of jobs that haven’t been billed, open invoices, completed payments, and jobs closed without payment.

Once you’re on the job, it’s easy to generate invoices and email them to your clients instantly. Even better, you can customize your invoices right down to the tiniest detail. Say you’ve got one particular client who lives for organization. Want to make them really happy? Create an invoice with Breezeworks and customize every line item, right down to itemizing labor, parts and materials, and tax. When you add a labor charge to your job, Breezeworks will calculate the total based on your hourly rate and hours worked.

Breezework’s invoices come with a few extra bells and whistles that will help you tailor each bill for your needs. Working for a friend of the family? Breezeworks has a place to include a discount, just in case. (You might be feeling generous, since your billing process just got a whole lot easier.) Want to bill an hourly rate, or charge a flat fee? No problem — Breezeworks can do that. Think calculating tax is a pain? Breezeworks can do that too.

Here’s a nice bonus: You can now preview your invoice before you send it. Simply create your invoice and then scroll to the bottom and touch the yellow PDF icon. Voilà!

Once you’re satisfied with your invoice, you can have your customer sign to accept the work you’ve done, and then you’ll send your client a personalized email and invoice with just one click.

We’re predicting some very happy clients in your future — and a lot less time spent billing them.


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