car gadget

By Ahn‐Minh Le

For most of us, commuting to work is a necessity. If you’re going to be stuck in a car for a good part of the day though, at least there are some gizmos out there that can help make the time spent in your vehicle more bearable. (And maybe even enjoyable!)

  • Whether you require more than one cup a day, or just don’t have time to make coffee before you head out the door in the morning, portable coffee makers can be a godsend. Check out the RoadPro Coffee Maker, which apparently can brew 16 ounces in less than 15 minutes. (If you’re an espresso enthusiast, take a look at the Handpresso.) RoadPro also makes a Hot Pot, which can provide hot water on the go—and is worth considering if you want to make tea or instant soups.
  • Running out of juice can be really frustrating. And this 3-Socket Charger by Avantek helps you avoid that frustration. It plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter and can charge up smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, and more. So you can feel free to utilize these devices—some of which provide key entertainment in the car—without fear of draining your battery.
  • On those days when traffic is just inching along, your back can really suffer. Give it some relief with the Heated Massage Cushion, available at Sharper Image. It fits most chairs and offers a bit of warmth along with a vibrating massage. (You can also use the cushion in a regular ol’ chair in your home or office.)
  • When you’re between jobs and need to do a little work or eat lunch in your car—perhaps parked in a lot or near a customer’s home or office—the AutoExec Wheelmate Steering Wheel Desk can make things more comfortable. It attaches to your steering wheel so you can place your laptop or food on a flat surface. Sounds better than trying to balance stuff in your lap or on the car console, doesn’t it?

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