Regardless of what industry you work in, communication between team members is often a challenge. Miscommunication can be costly, inconvenient, and slow down your business. To help solve this problem, we’ve come up with tools and strategies that encourage better internal communication. Here are a few ways to ensure your employees stay connected:

Use Breezeworks Messaging & Scheduling
If you’re working in the field, communicating through phone calls, text messages and email can become disorganized and time-consuming. With Breezeworks, you can handle all of your day-to-day communication with employees in one place. With our Scheduling feature, you’ll manage dispatch without having to pick up the phone to tell field techs where to go. You can then use Breezeworks Messaging to give your field techs the ability to send messages about jobs and customers to your employees back in the office. Keeping all employee correspondence in one space will make your communication more efficient and will make conversations easy to reference in the future.

Encourage Transparency
Breezeworks’ Team Map and Activity Stream features give office managers access to what’s happening in the field and will decrease the need for a field tech to call in. Our Team Map allows you to see where your employees are at any time, eliminating unnecessary phone calls and increasing visibility. Our Activity Stream feature gives you a live view of every action taken by you, or your employees, within Breezeworks, giving you a clear picture of everything happening, updated in real-time. Whether you’re a team of two or eighty, these Breezeworks features can help encourage and implement honesty.

Check In
Even though you are a field service company and your employees may not work out of an office, it is a good idea to have field techs come in for regular check-ins. It’s easy to get caught up in a busy schedule and let in person meetings fall by the wayside. Seeing your team face to face will make your team more invested in their work and will help encourage commitment and accountability.

If you’re an owner of a field service business, take the first steps to improving your team’s communication today!

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