It’s been a hectic month leading up to tax day. April 18th’s deadline adds to the long list of things that keep business owners up at night. Now that 2015’s taxes are done, here are few ways that our integration with QuickBooks is changing how businesses track expenses in 2016.

box of reciepts

(Taxes before Breezeworks)


Before our integration, many of our customers we’re putting receipts into a shoe box, then adding them to their records at the end of the year. Or even worse, handing the shoe box over to a bookkeeper and paying $25-$50 an hour for them to be added manually.

Reporting expenses manually at the end of the year is expensive and time-consuming for a few reasons:

  • Adds more work during the most stressful time of the year.
  • Costs time and/or money to have done
    • Has a negative Impact on cash flow and business operations.
      quickbooks with breezeworks
(Taxes after Breezeworks)


After our integration with QuickBooks online brings invoicing has come full-circle. It’s now easier to keep your bookkeeping accurate while saving time.

  • Create estimates, submit invoices, get paid instantly.
  • Save four hours of admin work each week.
  • Spend less time preparing taxes.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 6.17.04 PM

With Breezeworks, tax day becomes less of a worry so you’re able to spend more time growing your business. If you’re already using QuickBooks pro, you can signup for Breezeworks through the QuickBooks app store.


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