When life gets busy, it can be all-too-easy to get bogged down and tied up in day-to-day operations and forget what lit the fire in your belly and motivated you to become a small business owner.

Perhaps you wanted to make a name for yourself—to be more than a cog in someone else’s machine. Maybe you were driven by the ambition to do things differently—better—than your competitors. Or maybe your goal was to create a legacy – something something tangible that you could pass down to your children one day.

Whatever your motivation, there’s one thing that all small business owners have in common: you play an important role in keeping the American dream alive.

America was built by small business owners like you.

It was small business owners and entrepreneurs who truly contributed to the expansion of our nation. From the fur trappers who first ventured west of the Mississippi, to the enterprising folks who took a gamble and flocked to up-and-coming trading posts like St. Louis and Chicago to start small businesses, to those who helped establish the state of California during the Gold Rush — these are the dreamers, visionaries and doers who helped build America.

Today, it’s small business owners like you who are truly the heart, soul and backbone of our country. From big cities to small towns, small businesses like yours play an important role in creating jobs and bringing growth to your local community.

Whether you run a large-scale plumbing business, a mid-size HVAC or electrician business, or you’re a general contractor just getting started, you are playing an important role in upholding the American dream. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we’re proud to support our country’s small business owners, and we thank you for continuing to keep the American dream alive.


infographic small business impact on the American ecomony

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