2017 new years resolutions for small businesses

Make 2017 the year that you reach all of your financial goals with these easy-yet-impactful small business resolutions.

Resolution No. 1

I will charge what I’m worth.
When’s the last time you’ve updated your prices or evaluated your pricing structure? It’s important to re-evaluate and recalculate your rates periodically to ensure your business remains profitable.

Resolution No. 2

I’ll cut down on clutter by going paperless.
Aside from saving trees, taking your billing and accounting paperless can also save office space, time and headaches. From IRS compliant mileage tracking apps to virtual expense reports, there are a handful of apps that sync with Quickbooks that we recommend.

Resolution No. 3

I’ll ask my team what they think we should do differently this year.
Not only can your employees provide valuable insight into potential issues you’ve never considered, but this exercise also shows your team you value their opinion and expertise, helping improve morale.

Resolution No. 4

I vow to reclaim my time by automating busywork.
Ever wish you had a few extra hours each day to focus on growing your business? Studies show that most people waste half their day on menial administrative tasks. Reclaim those hours by automating as many tasks as possible. Tools like Sprout Social can help automate marketing efforts, while ones like Breezeworks can automate everything from CRM to team management and invoicing via a single dashboard. (Click here for a 14 day free trial)

Resolution No. 5

I’ll remember my best customers.
“When you remember your best customers, you are treating them like valued people in your life,” says Kate Edwards, consultant. Use your CRM tool to make notes about everything from their past jobs to hobbies and kids’ names to provide personalized customer service.

Resolution No. 6

I’ll encourage my customers to leave online reviews.
While encouraging online reviews sounds scary, 85% of consumers now use online review sites like Yelp, Google Places and Angie’s List to find new businesses. Click here to learn how you can use Yelp to promote your business while keeping that 5-star rating in-tact.

Resolution No. 7

I will (finally!) modernize my payment system.
Not providing mobile payment options can not only create headaches, but it can also make it harder for you to get paid. Learn more about the benefits of accepting mobile payments.

Resolution No. 8

I’ll use SEO to bring in new business.
Even if you’re not ready to hire an SEO expert just yet, there are a few dead-simple things you can still do to boost your SEO in 2017, like taking advantage of free online directories and updating your site with content that makes it easier for your business to be found.

Resolution No. 9

I will give back to my community.
Sponsoring or volunteering for important causes in your community brings good karma, boosts employee morale and can even grow your business thanks to increased visibility and press.

Resolution No. 10

I vow to take a vacation.
Seriously – do it. Everyone from your employees to your friends and family will thank you.


2017 new years resolutions for small businesses

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