by Arjun Viswanathan

David Bridge, owner of Special Forces Moving Co. in Boston, MA, has been in the moving business for over 8 years. Consequently, he has become a true professional at the trade. His company, though on hiatus at the moment, prides itself on being a simple, no-gimmick moving company. The company employs a simple approach to moving, and their essentials are uncomplicated, “We don’t use elaborate equipment. We just carry it. We just suck it up, get in good shape, and like it. We like the taste of nails for breakfast…its our job to work hard.”


David Bridge's moving professional essentials

  1. Coffee: “Coffee every morning. Work starts early at 6 AM so caffeine is necessary.”
  2. Truck: “We do many jobs in a 12 hour day, especially during the summer, our busiest season. We need a big truck to carry everything for the day.”
  3. Gatorade: “Gatorade, Gatorade, Gatorade. It’s a very strenuous job, need those electrolytes.”
  4. Water: “Gallons of water. Got to stay hydrated.”
  5. Clif Bars: “Clif Bars. Cause every day, you’re running a marathon. Got to be careful what you eat, you don’t want to to eat anything heavy. A slice of pizza is not going to make you feel good during the second half of the day.”
  6. Rope: “It takes twice as long for one man to put something on a set of wheels than for two men to just carry it with some rope.”
  7. Blankets: “The only equipment a good moving company [regularly] uses are moving blankets. You can tell the professionalism of a moving company by the amount of equipment they have on a truck. The less the better.”
  8. Piano board: “Piano board. For the rare occasion. Prop it up on a dolly. Makes it ergonomically easier to pick up something very heavy or big.”
  9. Beer: “I need a beer after work. Nothing better than an ice cold beer to end the long day.”


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