by Arjun Viswanathan

Matt Lovetere is the CEO of The Carpet Workroom, a family run carpet installation company in Needham, Massachusetts. Matt’s father, Peter, founded The Carpet Workroom. They’ve been in the carpet and rug business for over 30 years. Their business essentials range from the usual cup of coffee in the morning, to a seam iron—used to melt carpets together. If you are ever in need of a solid carpet installation in the greater Boston area, there is no doubt that The Carpet Workroom has you covered.Becky_final

  1. Coffee: “A cup of coffee in the morning.”
  2. Van: “A Ford Econoline with an extended cab. It is essential for carpet installation because each carpet roll is 12-13 feet long.”
  3. Tape Measure: “For calculating square footage of a particular room. You need to draw a floor plan before you do anything else.”
  4. Carpenters Blade/Carpet Knife: “Essential for making a clean cut through material that is going to be installed. It’s sharper than a typical knife.”
  5. Seam Iron: “Carpets only come 12-13th feet wide. If a room exceeds that length, you have to apply a seam—You use a knife to cut it cleanly and then you use a seam iron to melt adhesive and put two pieces together.”
  6. Tack Strip: “It’s a wooden strip with nails that you apply throughout the perimeter of the room, a quarter of an inch from the wall. This is what you use to fasten the material to the floor.”
  7. Stair Tool: “It’s what you use to jam a carpet up against a wall—to tuck it in.”
  8. Vacuum: “To clean up after installation.”
  9. iPhone: “For calling customers, calendaring, taking ‘before’ pictures to prep installers, and taking pictures of the finished product for marketing purposes.”
  10. iPhone Credit Card Swiper: “To swipe credit cards on the go.”

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