At TSheets, we are always looking for ways help small businesses. That’s why we’ve decided to partner with Breezeworks — a platform that also uses mobile technology to aid small businesses. TSheets is the #1 employee rated and requested time tracking software out there because we’ve made life easier for employees by automating the time tracking and scheduling process. We’ve joined forces with Breezeworks to give customers more flexibility in their business solution software

How Does TSheets Improve Your Small Business?

When you have remote workers, it can be difficult to track who is at what job site and when they are working. Additionally, all of those workers generate mountains of paperwork that requires manual reconciling of time-sheets, invoices, and job reports. All of this manual data entry not only wastes time, but it is a recipe for data errors. TSheets eliminates these concerns by automating time-tracking that employees actually love.

Here’s how TSheets can make your life easier:

Time Tracking
With our Time Tracking feature, employees can clock in or out, add details to timesheets, and change job codes from our mobile app, any web browser, or a physical time clock. When business owners automate their employee time-tracking, they can save over 2% on payroll costs.

Integration With Quickbooks Online
TSheets is the only time tracking app to have an in-product integration with QuickBooks Online – the top accounting software for Small Businesses. Employee time tracked by TSheets automatically appears in QuickBooks Online where you can easily review, edit and approve timesheets as well as track billable hours for invoicing and job costing.

Our platform allows you to create detailed, interactive reports that can help you predict time needs for job costs, plan for payroll, and increase profitability.

Overtime and PTO
Track vacation, sick or holiday accruals for your employees. Authorize your employees to submit their own PTO hours (and receive notifications when they do) or have administrators or managers do it for them. Easily add or use your own vacation or PTO codes and track the accruals.

Why Are We Partnering With Breezeworks?

Our mission has always been simple — we want to empower businesses (both employees and managers). That’s why we are excited to work with Breezeworks, a like-minded company. Using cutting-edge automated technology, Breezeworks has made writing invoices, communicating with co-workers, and coordinating teams more convenient. Add TSheets award-winning time tracking functionality and you have a winning combination. Now, your team members can clock in and out from the Breezeworks app and it will instantly sync that data to their TSheets accounts.

If you haven’t used Breezeworks with TSheets yet, take the first steps to improving your team management today!

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