About us

We’re passionate about making your service business great.

Running your own service company is hard. As a small business owner, you are expected to excel at every role — salesperson, marketer, taskmaster, accountant, dispatcher, and receptionist.

Breezeworks’ mission is to put cutting-edge mobile technology in the hands of service professionals like you. We build products that improve your quality of life and help you serve your customers better.

Led by CEO Adam Block, Breezeworks is a tight-knit team of tech folks and small business specialists. We’re backed by a group of inspirational technology and business leaders including Marc Benioff, Max Levchin, James Murdoch, David Sacks, Jeff Skoll and Peter Thiel, and investors Allen & Company, Obvious Ventures, Charles River Ventures, Harmony Partners and XSeed Capital.

We have an enduring faith in the power of small business, and we’re focused on building the technology to help your small business succeed. Our customers are our greatest asset and we love to hear from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about features you’d like to see or any other questions you might have — and thanks for using Breezeworks!

—The Breezeworks Team