Access From Anywhere

Find what you need at home or on the go. Access Breezeworks from your smartphone or from your computer. It’s easier than flipping through a filing cabinet, and faster than Excel.CoordinateGrow

Run your business from the road.

Forget the filing cabinet. Breezeworks’ easy to use platform lets you access everything you need — from the web or your mobile device.

Generate estimates on the spot.

Not only can you create estimates immediately,  you’ll get an instant record of each estimate. Your customer can instantly approve the job over email.

Get paid quickly, your way.

No more waiting around to collect what you’re owed.  Just upload your logo, send your clients customized invoices, and get paid. You can accept cash, check, or take advantage of our low credit card fees. And everything syncs with QuickBooks, automatically.

Business has never felt so effortless

All of these tasks can now be accomplished from anywhere you can use a laptop or phone. It’s a Breeze.

'Stay Connected' checklist

Job tracking

See every piece of relevant job information all in one place, whenever you want.

Team communication

Send and receive notes and photos, set your team’s schedules, and direct them as necessary all within Breezeworks.

Customer management

Track and sort all customer data, whether it’s jobs, progress, or payment information. Message customers directly if you like, or rely on our automated notifications.

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