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By Anh-Minh Le

We’ve all heard the saying, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Well, the reality is, for most of us, even if we love our jobs, there are some things that we would gladly pass off if we could.

Last year, TD Bank polled about 500 small business owners. The survey found that their favorite task was talking to clients and customers. And what did they dread most? Bookkeeping.

Indeed, it can be boring, time-consuming, and at times, just plain hard. Making a mistake can cost you more of your time—and money. If you’re like the 46 percent of respondents who said that they hate bookkeeping, we’ve got some good news: Breezeworks can assist with that part of your business.

  • Customer data: Having all of your customers’ information in one place—including the best way to contact them, notes from the work you did for them, and their payment history—will make it simpler to stay in touch about jobs you performed and stay on top of payments for them. So make sure that all of your customers have been imported into Breezeworks. (It’s one easy step to import the contacts on your phone.)
  •  Invoicing: If you don’t invoice a client, chances are, you won’t get paid for the job you did. And it doesn’t take an accounting degree to recognize that that’s bad for business. With Breezeworks, you can send an invoice on the spot—there’s no paperwork, no waiting to get back to the office (minimizing the odds that you’ll forget!). And you can easily keep track of which invoices have been paid and which haven’t. We also make sending reminders a cinch.
  • Receiving payments: It takes just a minute to sign up for Breezeworks Payments. Just think: You’ll be able to minimize those trips to the bank that can be a challenge to work into your busy schedule. The debit and credit card payments that you receive from customers are automatically deposited into your bank account in as few as two days. And don’t worry about entering the card numbers; our software scans them for you.

If you collect paper check and cash payments, the Breezeworks app lets you record those transactions—so you don’t have to wonder later if a customer did or didn’t pay you. (We always suggest inputting this information right away, in case it slips your mind later.)

The TD Bank survey also revealed that—no surprise—for 96 percent of the small business owners who responded, the best thing about running their own business is the flexibility and level of control. In fact, 44 percent of them stated that those are the very reasons they decided to set up shop.

Fortunately, putting Breezeworks’ transaction-related features to work can help folks like yourself focus on the parts of your job that you enjoy the most.

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