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Each new job presents an exciting opportunity for business growth but also comes with a long list of responsibilities. We spend a lot of our time planning ahead and take necessary precautions to make sure nothing goes wrong. Job safety and meeting customer’s expectations are at the top of the list, with managing employees following closely behind.

As most of our customers already know, we’re on a mission to build the best team management software available for small businesses. With that mission, we’re excited to share our latest feature, permissions.

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Permissions at a Glance

Permissions allow account owners to manage how much information they want team members to have access to. This feature alleviates any worry business owners might have by giving employees more information than they need at any given time.

Our goal for this is two-fold, to make owners feel secure and help techs to be more efficient on the job by giving them access to information they need.

Grant employee access to the following features:

  • Grant Admin-level access to employees. Allowing them to have the same access as owners to jobs, customers, payments, and teams.
  • Gives techs the option to see entire customer lists.
  • See customer job history, where an employee can see previous jobs assigned to them.
  • Modify customers by making changes to customer information and secondary locations to customers.
  • Delete customers.
  • Create and/or modify jobs.
  • Limit schedule date range by only showing jobs during any given time frame.
  • Collect Payments or see payment history.
  • See estimates for all customers.
  • View job estimates.

Log in to your Breezeworks account and see the whole list of permissions.

A Permissions Case Study


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Peter from Deep River Home Services has been using Breezeworks to manage his team for over a year. As a general contractor, he has multiple employees and subcontractors at different levels of engagements. Permissions allow Peter to manage everyone with one software application. This keeps everything well organized in the back office and makes tax time a breeze with QuickBooks Sync.


deep river home services

A Recent Remodel by Deep River Home Services 

breezeworks permissions case study


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