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By Travis Farnes

Even before you start your service business, it is a good idea to have business cards made. You want to be able to start telling people about your service business and then immediately give them a business card.

What should be on your service business card?
Your business cards can be very basic and only needs to include the important information. Include your logo, full name, phone number, email address and the kind of work that you do. If you have a website, you’ll probably have a color scheme going for your business, and you’ll want your business cards to match. Don’t forget that web site address, and if you are a licensed contractor include your license number too.

If you don’t have a logo already, it’s probably best if you hire a professional to create one for you. There are now lots of websites that can help you get a professionally-designed logo at a reasonable price. Here are some that get good reviews from customers:

Any of these sites can help create logos, business cards, or complete web sites. I had my logo created by someone at for a great price (I believe it was about $125). I am very happy with it.

Once you have your artwork, you can send it to a printer. There are many low cost printing options. For all my business cards, postcards, and door hangers I use Gotprint. I’ve also heard great things about Moo and VistaPrint.

It’s never been easier to have a professional looking business without spending a ton of money. Invest in your brand with business cards and a logo and start 2015 off right.

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