value of a 5-star review

The Value of a Yelp 5-Star Review & How to Get More of Them

Over the years, we’ve seen the effect Yelp reviews have on a businesses revenue. There have been a handful of case studies that deep dive into this topic; by Michael Luca of Harvard Business School, Max Woolf of minimaxir, and Melissa Parietti of Investopedia to … Read More

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Manage Employees Worry-Free with Team Management Software

Each new job presents an exciting opportunity for business growth but also comes with a long list of responsibilities. We spend a lot of our time planning ahead and take necessary precautions to make sure nothing goes wrong. Job safety and meeting … Read More

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Schedule Recurring Appointments Automatically with Breezeworks

At Breezeworks, we’re on a mission to help small business owners spend less time on paperwork and more time in front of customers getting estimates out and invoices paid. We’ve seen first-hand how big of an impact adding a few more … Read More

online tools for electricians

Top Online Resources for Electrical Contractors

We’ve seen the electrical contracting industry change over the years with help from technology. This has created new opportunities for electricians to make the switch from full-time employee to self-employed contractor. That said, wearing multiple hats as a small business … Read More

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Breezeworks and Square, Getting Service Pros Paid Instantly

We’re excited to announce that Breezeworks service pros can now get paid with Square! In addition to our WePay integration, Square adds another great option for getting paid instantly. No more having to rush back to the office to mail an invoice … Read More