by Alison King

So you’ve been using Breezeworks to enter and track your customer appointments. Let’s take a closer look at a few features that will keep your schedule running on time: reminders and maps.

We’ll assume you have a few appointments entered into the Breezeworks app. How does Breezeworks keep you punctual when real life sometimes interferes? First, take a look at the weekly view of your schedule. Included between each job entry is a drive time to the next job, based on real-time traffic information. Breezeworks gets its traffic information directly from INRIX, the largest and most accurate traffic network in the world. When you add a new job to your list, Breezeworks will automatically calculate a current drive time and add it to your schedule. The Breezeworks app checks the traffic for you every 15 minutes, so your drive time is always up-to-date.

Using this predicted drive time, Breezeworks sends an automatic reminder when it’s time to leave for the next job. This reminder will appear on your phone as both a sound and text notification. If you think you’ll be late, you can use this reminder screen to contact your customer with a quick text or phone call.

In order to receive these reminders, your phone should be set to receive push notifications from Breezeworks. To fine-tune your reminder settings, go to your iPhone’s Settings menu, then select Notification Center. Scroll down to the Breezeworks entry to select whether Breezeworks will display banners, use sounds, or show an alert on the lock screen of your phone.

Once you’ve gotten a reminder that it’s time to leave, Breezeworks can also help you navigate between jobs. Tap your next job on your schedule and you’ll find a map included with each job listing. To get directions from your current location to the job address, tap the map, then tap “Get Directions” in the upper right corner. Breezeworks will pop open a new window using Apple Maps. On the Apple Maps screen, hit “Start” for real-time voice navigation from door to door.

Breezeworks provides another way to plan your day with the monthly view of your schedule. Pull down on the week view and you’ll see your monthly calendar. Tap any day to see a list of your job. You’ll see a small map icon, if you tap it the map will display your coverage area for the day, with jobs flagged in numerical order and drive times between each job.

Breezeworks’ reminder and mapping features should keep you on top of your schedule — short of personally driving you to each appointment, we’ve got you covered. (But we’d drive you if we could!)


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