by Alison King

You’re probably already in the habit of using your phone to take photos, right? The latest version of Breezeworks lets you use your photography instincts to keep your business even more organized. The Version 1.31 release, live in the App Store on March 20, includes a brand new Photo Note feature that integrates iPhone photos directly into job entries, and even lets you write notes on the photos themselves.

You can snap photos on-site and add them to your notes for a particular job or client. Instead of trying to sift through photos on your camera roll and remember where you took them, or what job they’re for, you’ll now have a crucial link between your photos and your job records.

Breezeworks allows you to draw on your photos, especially helpful if you can’t remember why you took a photo in the first place. (No pen or stylus required – just use your finger!) When you add a photo to a Breezeworks job note, you can sketch directly on the photo with a drawing tool to highlight areas of interest. You can use multiple colors and even add text if you don’t trust your handwriting. And rather than try to sketch an idea on a sheet of scrap paper, you can now forward your photos — annotations and all — to your clients.

For example, let’s say you’re a contractor working on a bathroom remodel. You have a question about the cabinet installation, but your client isn’t at home. Just open up the Notes feature on your Breezeworks job card, select the photo button, and snap a photo of the job site. Use the sketch tools to highlight the bathroom cabinet in question, and add it to your note. You can then email your photo to the client directly through the Breezeworks app so that there’s no debate about which cabinet you’re discussing.

Photo Notes can also help you bring in new customers. With an organized collection of job photos at your fingertips, you can easily show prospective clients examples of your work. All of your past jobs are stored under each client’s name, so if you pull up your list of clients, you’ll be able to access your entire history of photo notes.



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