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If growing a Handyman business is a priority for 2016, we’re here to help. At Breezeworks, we work with Handyman all over the US and have learned from some of the best  (Rent-A-HubbyArbuckle & Sons, and Travis Farnes to name a few) about what it takes to grow a successful handyman business.

New Customers

Getting the phone to ring is the fist step to earning new customers. Keeping the phone ringing is the best way to continue growing. From the calls it’s a numbers game; converting calls to appointments, appointments to estimates, and estimates to jobs.

This process is a form of art and it’s perfected over time. Using Breezeworks to manage appointments, contacts, and invoices can help speed up things up. Here are some of the best online channels (with examples) to find new customers:

We’ve seen  these profiles filled out well by adding pictures of previous work, a contact number (cell phone works great), and a few sentences about the work we specialize in. It’s also important to get that first five-star review. This will help your profile start to show up on these review sites.

High-Quality Work

From our experience, the best way to earn referrals and repeat business is by doing great work. After finishing any job, we ask our new customers to keep us in mind for future work. We also give them a few business cards to pass along as well. One resource worth reading up on is the psychology behind word of mouth advertising.

Five-Star Reviews

Whether we like it or not, online reviews are a new customer’s first impression of our business. Reviews are also the main ranking signal on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Thumbtack. Knowing this, we do our best to provide each customer with a five-star experience. The Breezeworks app helps us do this automatically without any additional work on our end.

A few interesting resources related to reviews:

Lifelong Customers

We approach each new appointment as an opportunity to earn a customer for life. We’ve learned that we can do more appointments each day when serving repeat customers. We use Breezeworks CRM to maintain all of our customers in a database so that we can serve them easily in the future.

Great resources related to lifelong customers:

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