Tired of typing out the same invoice notes for every customer? With the newest update to the Breezeworks app (Version 2.2.1), you can add standard boilerplate text which will be included in the notes on the bottom of every invoice. Write your boilerplate text once, and you’ll never have to type it all out again.

To add standard boilerplate text to your invoices:

  • Tap Settings > Payments > Payment Settings > Edit boilerplate text
  • Enter the text you’d like to see at the bottom of your invoices, and tap the Back button

The next time you send an invoice, your boilerplate text will automatically appear in the PDF that gets emailed to your customer. You can still add invoice-specific notes, they’ll just show up below the boilerplate text on your invoice.

Check out the video below for a feature walkthrough and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

At Breezeworks, we make improvements to our product based on your feedback — so keep it coming!


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