by Arjun Viswanathan

In certain places, spring doesn’t just mean blossoming flowers and fresh blades of grass — it means tornado season. The past few months have been especially brutal for the citizens of Mississippi and Arkansas. Countless tornadoes ranging from scales EF1 to EF4 have swept through the southern states. These tornadoes have taken lives and left survivors with their houses in shambles or totally destroyed.

In the midst of tragedy, service professionals like the guys at Arrow Plumbing in North Little Rock, Arkansas have emerged as heroes in shining work boots. While you’d expect that plumbers would repair pipes after a natural disaster, Arrow Plumbing has taken community service to the next level. They’ve donated a portion of every paid invoice for the month of May to recovery effort. Not only that, they’ve turned their trucks into mobile donation centers.

Hundreds of other professionals in the area have stepped up like Arrow Plumbing and dedicated their time to help rebuild the communities of Vilonia and Mayflower. We are deeply inspired by these professionals who put their own needs aside to help their neighbors rebuild.


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