by Alison King

Plumber Ethan Elkins loves owning his own business, but the most stressful part? Time management. “Time management is brutal,” he admits. Elkins, owner of Ethan’s Service Plumbing in the San Francisco Bay Area, has dealt with the many challenges common to service professionals, like late appointments and finding the time to do administrative work. But now, these challenges may be a thing of the past. Elkins discovered Breezeworks last fall, and it puts all the organization he needs for his business in his back pocket.

“I don’t even know how we did it before — it was very inefficient,” Elkins says.

Ethan  is now using Breezeworks to manage appointments, accept credit card payments, and navigate to his next job, letting him focus on plumbing instead of paperwork. With Breezeworks calculating driving time between appointments, “I can avoid being late because the Breezeworks app alerts me if I have an appointment, if my hands are full,” Elkins explains.

Breezeworks helps Ethan keep his customers happier. “I think that’s what the app’s all about, is keeping you connected to your customers,” Elkins says. “Customer connection is everything. You don’t want to have a fecal fiasco and not be able to get a hold of your plumber.”

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