fence at school

By Arjun Viswanathan

We spoke with Trevor Sullivan of Arrow Fence, a family owned and operated fence installation company in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Founded in 1969 by the Sullivan Family, they pride themselves on great craftsmanship, competitive prices and a serious work ethic. The company is made up of fence installers and salesmen. Trevor shared with us the business essentials that make Arrow Fence a success.

(From left to right)

  1. Sales vehicles: “The salesmen drive Ford Escapes. They drive to to customers before the install crew to get out there and estimate the size of the job.”
  2. Fleet truck: “The fence installers all drive GMC 3500s.”
  3. Navigation system: “For the salesmen and the crew, this saves a lot of time. We go to 6-10 job locations per day.”
  4. Post hole digger: “It makes the hole for us to put the fence post.”
  5. Bags of cement: “For filling in around the posts.”
  6. Wheelbarrow: “For carrying a lot of cement.”
  7. Digging bar: “It’s basically a trenching tool.”
  8. Saws: “I usually bring a chainsaw, jigsaw and circular saw.”

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