by Arjun Viswanathan

Patty Maestranzi-Fischer and her brother Robert Maestranzi own Broadway Lock Company in South Boston. Whether you are just inches away from your keys (as in, they’re on the other side of the door) or you need a whole new set, Patty and Robert can help.  Patty explains, “I work at the store and my brother goes to on-site appointments…Some things, like making keys, can only be done at the shop, we can’t bring he whole shop to appointments…If someone’s front door isn’t working, my brother will assess the situation and come back to the shop for specific parts.”  Together, the sibling duo caters to all your lock needs. Their on the job essentials range from a cup of coffee in the morning to spy-status lock picks.

Broadway Lock Co Blog revised 2

  1. Store: “Our store is an integral part of our business.”
  2. Coffee: “Coffee every day. I’m drinking coffee right now.”
  3. Van: “My brother drives a van to on-site appointments…It’s big enough to carry all of our equipment and merchandise.”
  4. Tool kit:  “A tool kit. Screwdrivers. It has every tool we could ever need.”
  5. Key machine: “Key machine, key punch. We have a few in the store. Someone wants 10 copies? We can do that for them.”
  6. Lock picks:  “Lock picks. In case someone gets locket out. Like in Charlie’s Angels, except these are real lock picks.”
  7. Key blanks: “Lots of them. Keys start like this and then we cut them with a key machine for specific locks.”
  8. Pinning kit:  “A pinning kit full of all types of pins. Locks contain pins, and by changing them, you can change the lock combination.”


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