by Arjun Viswanathan

Tony Zammit started his company, Drain Flow Cleaning, in 2009 when the economy crashed. “Everyone was having a hard time, and I was booming…I was in the plumbing business, working for a lot of companies that treat you like s***, so I went out and bought all the equipment that I liked and started my own company.” Tony now runs his own successful business that specializes in heating and drain cleaning. Though he’s “not one of the big boys,” but he is still servicing up to 10 customers per day. “I work night and day…I’m a pretty important guy out here. People call me for emergencies. I’m the guy who saves the day on Christmas. I give up all my holidays. I don’t have a life. I’m a slave to my business.” It seems to be paying off because according to Tony, business is good.

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  1. Coffee: “I have a cup of coffee in the morning.”
  2. Tool bucket: “A tool bucket with all types of hand tools, gizmos, you know.”
  3. Camera: ” A camera for drains. If people have broken pipes,  you can locate where the problems are with the camera. It’s my most important tool , and it cost $10,000.”
  4. Drain machine: “It’s a cable driven snake machine. The big boy. It goes down 200 feet. First I use a camera to how bad it it, then I snake whatever it is out.”
  5. Small snake machine: “Two small snake machines for tub and sink drains.”
  6. High pressure jet machine: “It shoots water at a high velocity. When a restaurant has lots of grease, snakes won’t work, you need water to push it out.”
  7. Big box truck: “A big box truck to carry the machines, but I can’t drive or park it in certain areas because it’s too larg
  8. A van: “It’s easier to park, but I can’t put everything I want in it.”


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